Show, don’t tell

Palatial closes the gap between digital experiences and the physical world by bringing your audience to directly interact with your product or service.

Strategy and Concept Design

Defining a narrative and direction that extends your brand and strategic goals

Service Icon for Metaverse Strategy
Service Capability: Asset ConversionService Capability: XR User Experience Research

Building Immersive Experiences

Putting together characters, spaces, and interactions you will see, hear, and touch

Service Capability: Sound DesignService Capability: World BuildingService Capability: Concept Design
Services: Palatial Core FeaturesService Capability: Character DesignService Capability: Interactions and Spatial UIService Capability: Storyboarding + CopyWriting
Service Capability: Design PrototypingService Capability: User Testing
Service Capability: XR HardwareService Capability: Multiplayer

Immersive Keynote

By contextualizing financial trends presented by the speaker, we were able to tell a memorable story of the real world impact of the statistics. The audience was able to interact with the speaker and with each other, all within the virtual environment.

Storyboarding & Copywriting
Materials, Lighting, Animations & Effects
XR Hardware & Setup
Facial & Body Motion Capture

Virtual Yale Architecture

We built a digital twin of Rudolph Hall so that the architecture faculty had a space to host events and carry out design reviews. This allowed students and faculty to connect and socialize even as lockdowns remained in place.

Concept Design & Visuals
Scene Modelling & Interaction Design
Spatial UI Development
Multiplayer Network Infrastructure

Metaverse Retail Concept

This luxury travel retailer consists of beauty counters, which was digitally reimagined as connected islands of branded content. Based on real-world purchases, customers are invited to discover this metaverse to explore new products.

Metaverse Brand Strategy
XR User Experience Design
World Building & Asset Creation
E-Commerce Integration