Transform any 3D scene into a spatial experience

Import, optimize, and setup pre-built scenes for Unreal Engine with one click

Accelerate how you build immersive spatial experiences

Setting up complex scenes in a game engine is tedious and error prone. Palatial takes care of this so you can hit the ground running.


AI driven processing for visually faithful and high performance environments.


Suitable for virtual production, visualization, and game dev workflows.


Results are ready in 1 to 4 hours depending on project size and complexity.

No minimum hardware or skill requirements

Simply upload your 3D files to Palatial’s cloud service and come back back to a ready-to-use Unreal scene.

Performance focused

Scenes are analyzed and optimizations applied to materials, lights, and meshes. Instancing, Nanite, Lumen, and LODs are also set up.

Browser based

Entirely cloud based, there are no hardware requirements or software to install. Process, preview, and share projects entirely via web.

Editable results

Palatial sets up projects so that updates are easy to make, and applies optimizations in a way that can be quickly adjusted.

Performance focused

Draw calls are reduced by merging and instancing meshes. Nanite, Lumen, and LODs are set up where appropriate.

High visual fidelity

Materials and lights from 3D modeling software are accurately translated, and complex foliage is optimized with Nanite enabled.

Flexible approach

One size does not fit all. Optimizations target platform specific performance requirements including desktop, web, mobile, and VR.

Delivering performance

Palatial has been tested on a variety of projects and has been shown to improve performance up to 22x.


“It would’ve taken us 3 days to do what Palatial did in 3 hours.”

Jose Uribe, Pureblink

“Palatial is great for saving time and headache, especially when working with large files.”

Silvia Rueda, Heatherwick Studio

Do you build immersive experiences?

If you want to test Palatial, we want to hear your feedback. Let's find some time in the calendar and get this party started.