Our story

Palatial is the tool we wish we had when we were building XR experiences over the past 10 years.

2022 • August

Day one

Palatial is founded as a design communication platform, initially pitched as Google Docs for 3D.

2022 • December


After interviewing hundreds of developers and designers, the team begins working on the first MVP. Volley Studio agrees to send a test model and we spend a week optimizing it.

2023 • February


With feedback from design professionals around the world, Palatial pivots to focus on building automations to connect the gaps in 3D data pipelines.

2023 • July


The team demos MVP 2 to Epic Games, automatically optimizing a Revit model for Unreal and outputting a Pixelstream. The same test model from Volley Studio now takes 2 hours to optimize.

2024 • March

Alpha testing begins

After 8 months of customer interviews, design, and engineering, Palatial is released to the first batch of testers. Ther's still a long ways to go, but the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Our vision

We believe that any creator should be able to build anything without limits. Palatial is connecting spatial ideas, 3D assets, and creative platforms to close the gap between realities.


Want to join us? Shoot us a message at info@palatialxr.com

Let's build something amazing.

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